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Rooms are equipped for double occupancy with max of 3 people per room (cot available on request)

We will be pleased to accept your reservation in the following ways:

  • Toll-Free Telephone and Fax: 1-866-900-6910
  • Local Telephone (No Fax): 1-902-472-2436
  • Online: Use the form below to tell us what room and what dates you'd like and we'll process your reservation online!


    • You must present either a valid credit card or cash at check-in time. Please keep this in mind if you are intending to purchase a room for someone else. They will not be able to check-in using another person's credit card even if it was used to secure the room. They will need to present their own credit card or cash at check-in time.
    • No total calculated by the the online system is considered final until reviewed by us and approved. Call us if you need to be 100% sure prior to booking.
    • Phoenix Hollow is a large Victorian home with two grand bed rooms and well appointed front parlour for our guests. While we love children, the B&B setting is a romantic, majestic getaway and we are simply not adequately equipped or designed for children. In order to maintain comfort and quality for all of our guests we are unable to accommodate guests with children under the age of 3 years old. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

A Visa, Mastercard or Amex card is required to guarantee your reservation.

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I would like a cot made up in our room ($25 additional per night includes breakfast).
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Last update: 4 June 2016